About Us

About Us

G.E. Miller  is a family owned business operating out of North Houston, TX  through its affiliates G.E. Miller General Contractors and Allure Texas Real Estate Brokerage.

G.E. Miller  is a full service real estate company offering buyers and sellers a modern approach to the real estate industry. G.E. Miller, General Contractor, has years of experience in new custom homes, spec home development, and custom home renovations.

We  provides homeowners and buyers a unique suite of services given our experience as both new home builders and real estate agents in North Houston. The two companies combine to supply a full collection of real estate value by offering our customers access to our network of tradespersons, vendors and suppliers.

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Our Address:
1710 Roman Forest Blvd    Roman Forest, TX 77357


Gordon Miller

G.E. Miller

General Contractor | Real Estate Services

Cell: 281-723-2575

Fax: 1-866-298-0080

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