Specifications & Standard Features

Specifications & Standard Features


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Specifications and Standard Features




Clearing- all trees and stumps under slab and driveways will be removed. Trees within 4’  of foundation are removed to maintain structural integrity. Selected trees will be removed within 20’ of front and rear of home and 10’ on each side of home per customers request.

Fill and Grading- Final Grade will meet or exceed the 10yr. structural warranty specifications to ensure proper drainage around foundation. Any additional filling and grading will be the responsibility of the homeowner unless otherwise specified.

Soil Test- All Lots to have soils testing unless waived by signed document by the homeowner.




Design- A licensed Engineer designs all foundations. Beams per design, Piers where needed. Cost adjustments may be necessary for lots with severe sloping or grading problems.


3)      FRAMING

Wall Studs- 2”x4” or 2”x6” (per plan) Spaced a maximum of 16” on center, exterior and interior walls.

Sole Plate- 2”x4” or 2”X6” (per plan) treated wood and secured with Anchor Bolts Power Actuated Fastners.

Floor and Ceiling Joists- based on span charts approved by Southern Building Code Specifications #2 or #3 Yellow Pine. All floor joists on 12” centers.

Sub-Flooring- Miller Homes uses top of the line ¾” Tongue an dGroove dPlywood Sub-floor, not particleboard.

Rafters- #2 or better Pine or Fir 2”x6” with bracing and spacing per industry standards, and Southern Building codes. Maximum spacing at 16” (not 24”).

Structual Beams- Miller Homes utilizes manufactured structural beams instead of doubling or tripling 2x12’s, for proper support that never sags.

Exterior Sheeting- Sealed Oriented strand Board (OSB) instead of foam board for structural integrity. Entire exterior walls are wrapped in Ty-Vek moisture barrier to help prevent mold.


4)      CORNICE

Siding-Hardy Plank siding is used exclusively, and butted up to trim.

Exterior Trim- Fascia, window and door trim will be Hardy Plank.

Radiant Barrier- Tech Shield radiant barrier roof decking for additional energy efficiency.

Soffit- Hardie Soffit Board with continuous suffix vents where applicable.


5)      WINDOWS

Double Pane Low E Windows are standard for Miler Homes.

Safety Glass-  Tempered Glass where required.

Window Deisgn- White divided lite aluminum windows on front elevation. Single hung without divides on side and rear elevations as per plan. Screens on all operable windows.



Front Door- Owners choice per allowance.

Other Exterior Doors- Raised Paned, Half-Lite Metal Doors with 100% acrylic latex paint for entering Breakfast Room, Utility, Master Suite, or rear of Living area as per plan.

Weather stripping- All exterior doors shall have Weather Stripping and thresholds.

Garage Doors- 18’x8’ Raised Panel Metal with keyed lock. All Garage Doors wired for opener and safety sensors. Unless otherwise specified.



R-Factor-  All Homes are insulated to meet the new “Energy Star” requirements, exterior walls at R-13 plus 2, sloped ceilings at R-22, Attic R-30.

Hot Walls- All hot walls in attic are sheathed.

Patented Baffle System- utilized between rafters to ensure proper airflow from soffit vents to ridge vents.

Foam Sealant- A Poly Foam Sealant is applied around all doors and windows and across alls ole plates to reduce unwanted air infiltration.



Gypsum- ½” Wallboard with nailed corner bead.

Rounded Corners- Selected corners maybe rounded “bull nosed” bead.

Green- Wall Board- ½” Water resistant “Green” Gypsum Wall board used behind Marble Tub and Marble Shower surrounds.

Hardie Board- Waterproof Hardie Backer Wallboard used behind Tiled Tub and Shower Surrounds.

Finish – All Wallboard will be taped and floated and sanded to a smooth finish.


9)      BRICK

American-Made Brick-  by Acme, Western or Boral Brick (or equal) utilizing galvanized brick ties and machine blend Mortar Mix.



Shingles- Class A Fire rated 30 year Shingles nailed, not stapled, over 15 pound asphalt felt.



Ridge Vents- Ridge Master plus Baffled type for superior ventilation.

Soffit Vents- Continuous running soffit vents in all applicable areas.



Driveway- for Front entry Garage width will be 18’ wide for 20’ in front of Garage door. Note: this is a standard feature for Lots with 40” building lines.

Sidewalks- Begin at front entrance and curve or angle across front elevation to driveway per plan. Sidewalk will be 3’ wide.

Pads- Poured cement pads for air-conditioning unit(s).

Exterior Stoops- 4’x5’ cement stoop is provided at all read and side door enterances.



Exterior Paint- All Hardie Plank siding, fascia, soffit, and trim are primed with 100% acrylic exterior gloss latex paint by Sherwin Williams.

Interior Wall Paint- 100% latex Sherwin Williams paint.

Interior Ceiling Paint- Flat white 100% latex Sherwin Williams paint.

Interior Trim- All interior trim and doors are painted with white enamel over a lacquer undercoat by Sherwin Williams.

Wall Texture- All painted walls, excluding closets, are finished with a hand rolled texture.

Ceiling Stomp- Custom medium stomp finish on ceilings, excluding closets.



Interior Doors- Raised Panel hollow core trimmed with 3 1/2” finger jointed casing. Three-hinge style is used to help prevent door warpage.

Interior Locks and Door Hardware – Kwikset (or Equal) brand Standard finishes, interior passage and privacy locks with Lifetime warranty. Privacy locks installed on all bedrooms and primary bathroom doors.

Exterior Locks and Door Hardware- Kwikset (or Equal) brand polished brass, antique nickel, or brushed nickel handle sets on front door. All other exterior doors to have keyed security standard finishes with matching thumb latch deadbolts. Lifetime warranty mechanism.

Trim Material- Baseboards, door jams, casing, window stool, crown molding, and shoe molding, are made of wood MDF material is limited to closet shelving and other dry area shelving. Crown molding and optional chair rail may be MDF material. All interior trim is sprayed with lacquer primer and has a topcoat of semi-gloss white Sherwin Williams paint.

Crown Molding- Standard in Dining Room, Master Bedroom, and Study (as per plan).

Stair Components- Stained Oak 3” wide Handrails and Newel Post with painted craft wood balusters and 1”x8” cabinet routered cap on all stairs. All stair trends and stair landings will utilize the patented screw down process.

Half-Walls- 42” Half-wall on all 2nd floor open areas will be toped with routered MDF point caps.

Kitchen Cabinets and Vanity Cabinets- Custom oak flat panel stained in Kitchen standard, balance of cabinets painted, sprayed with lacquer primer and has a topcoat of semi-gloss white Sherwin Williams paint.

Kitchen Countertops- Two choices for standard countertops: Natural Granite, Nonporous Silestone (or equal) countertops. With standard bull nose edge.

Bathroom Countertops- Custom fitted cultured marble in a wide variety of standard colors with a 4” backsplash against adjoining walls.

Linen Closets- Standard 5 shelves in most plans.

Mirrors- 38” high with varying widths per plan. Master Bath mirrors are custom trimmed in wood or painted, Secondary Bathroom mirrors installed with clear plastic clips. Beveled Edging is an extra expense.

Closet Shelving- 1”x12” MDF installed on 1”x2” shelf cleats with metal clothes rod supports and wood clothes rod standard for Upper rod. Lower rod with out shelf is standard. Master Bedroom will have 1 custom-built shelf stack of MDF. Additional shelf stacks available at a nominal charge.



Tile Floor- Per plan, per allowance

Wood Floors- Per plan, per allowance

Carpet- Per plan, per allowance



Master Bath Tub-  Marble Whirlpool Tub is standard in 6’ or 5’ (per plan) oval sizes. Fixtures include Moen Monticello Series Chrome Tub faucets and matching levers.

Secondary Bath – 5’ with over steel with Moen Monticello Series chrome pressure balance tub and shower faucets.

Master Bath Shower- Utilizing heavy duty solid cultured marble (not acrylic) pans. Each shower will be trimmed with MoenMonticello series chrome faucet and lever. Millwer homes shower doors are clear safety glass with brushed chrome metal trim.

Lavatory Faucets- MoenMonticello Series Chrome.

Commodes- All commodes are Toto (or Equal) elongated bows with 1.6 gallon flush.

Tub and Shower Surrounds- Low Maintenance cultured marble tub and shower enclosers in your choice of standard colors. We offer the new satin finished marble bull nose edges standard.

Kitchen Sink-  Stainless Steel with Moen Monticello Series faucet and spray. A 1/3 horsepower Whirl away disposal (or Equal) is standard.

Natural Gas- (where available) piping in black steel to range, water heater, dryer, heating unit(s), and fireplace.

Water Heaters- 50 gallon Rapid Recovery Gas Water heater. For homes with more than 3 or more full baths, two 40-gallon gas water heaters will be standard.

Hoes Bibs- Three outside hoes bibs will be standard.

Water Piping- Copper is Standard



Code- All homes wired per the most recent Building Codes utilizing all copper wiring. 200 amp- services is standard.

Internet Ready- Structural wiring is standard. Cat 5 phone lines “home-runned” Modular Jacks installed.




Interior Lighting- Per plan, per allowance

Exterior Lighting- Per plan, per allowance



HVAC- Fully matched and professional designed systems featuring energy saving natural gas heating where available) and Lenox brand 13 S.E.E.R. rated air conditioning.

Ductwork-  Energy Efficient Flexible R-6 ductwork fully sealed.

Zoned System- 2 or more systems generally are needed in homes with an excess of 2500 sq. ft. of living area, and will be a standard feature.

Air Returns- Properly sized air returns are standard, with an additional return in the master bedroom and the other bedrooms where possible.



Prewired for Security Systems- All homes are pre-wired for security system as a standard feature. This includes wiring all windows and exterior doors. A centralized keypad and motion detector are pre-wired as well.



Built-In Appliances-  Per plan, per allowance

Non Built-InAppliances- Per plan, per allowance



Please Note:  With constant changes in the building industry, Miller Homes reserves the right to substitute or change any product for an equal or improved product. All customers under contract will receive what has been contracted.


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