Every week we help clients sell their homes quickly and profitably. The key to our success in selling homes is correct pricing, home staging,  photography and powerful marketing exposure.


Home pricing is the critical first step. We live and breathe construction and  real estate and spend much of their time evaluating and pricing homes in our area. We’ll look closely at comparable properties in and around your neighborhood, compare these homes to yours and make adjustments for differences in size, finish quality, floor plan, lot size, location and other factors. You’ll also be provided a detailed analysis of your closing costs so you can make informed decisions during the initial pricing process as well as during negotiations.


Once you’ve decided on a price you need to make sure your home shows well.  This includes paint colors, furniture placement, furniture additions or subtractions, lighting, de-cluttering, landscaping and repairs.  These changes can make a huge difference in the presentation of your home to potential buyers.


Once the home is in showing condition it’s time for pictures. Since over 90% of homeowner’s will locate your property on the internet, picture quality is extremely important. We use professional photography equipment including auxiliary flashes, and wide angle, high aperture lenses. Often on a larger home we’ll take well over a hundred pictures and choose the best twenty five. Everything from beautifully lit, panoramic photos to detail shots of custom tile and woodwork, your home will be showcased beautifully on the web which will translate into more showings and a quicker sale.


Once pictures are selected the marketing begins. A strong online presence is the most critical factor in driving potential buyers to your home. Along with beautiful pictures, the description of your property is extremely important.


With beautiful pictures and an elegant, unique description, it’s time to syndicate your home listing across the web. Home buyers are using a variety of real estate search sites so it’s important to cover all the bases. In addition to the local MLS consumer search engine,, your home will be listed on over 50 real estate search engines such as,,, Google Base, Hotpads and many others.


At this point your showings will begin. Your job is to accommodate showings as much as possible, keep the home neat and bright and await an offer.


Once an offer is procured the negotiations begin. Gordon Miller is especially skilled at justifying the list price through comparable property data, verifying a buyer’s ability to purchase the home and protecting your interests during inspection negotiations. Gordon will also ensure you perform your contract obligations by delivering title work and homeowner’s association documents in a timely fashion. As the escrow period progresses, we’re monitoring the buyer’s loan underwriting process to ensure that closing will take place on time.


Just prior to closing we’ll review your settlement statement to ensure that closing costs and prorations are correct. You’ll receive your closing documents in advance so you have plenty of time to review what you’ll be signing at closing. Typically the day of closing the buyer will walk through the home to ensure the condition of the property is satisfactory so you’ll want to ensure the home is very clean and completely empty. At the closing table we’ll review settlement figures for the final time and sign closing documents. Once the buyer’s funds have been wired, the new deed is recorded and you take your funds as a cashier’s check or wire transfer and you’re done!

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